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Transform the way you run university practicums.

E-Review is the simplest way to write, send, and manage feedback reports while students are getting experience in the field.


Developed in partnership with UBC's Faculty of Education


E-Review facilitates dynamic, paperless evaluation practices for practicum supervision.
— UBC Faculty Of Education, Elementary & Secondary School Practicums —



Save money and the environment

Go digital and say goodbye to paper and printing costs! That’s great for the environment and your budget. A typical school with 800 students in their practicum saves $12,000 in paper and printing costs.



Writing and sending reports is easy

Reports can be written anywhere, anytime, on any device. When a report is ready to send, we’ll distribute it with the tap of a button.



Monitor feedback for your students

You can easily monitor reports and track when they are written and sent. This means you’ll always know if your students are receiving the amount of feedback necessary to help them grow.



Save time on administrative tasks

Our tools allow you to easily manage your advisors, students, and reports. This means you'll spend less time worrying about technology and more time ensuring your practicum is running smoothly.




The convenience of the cloud

Say goodbye to filing cabinets. Your reports are accessible and editable on any device with an internet connection.


Report templates to suit your program

Create your own report templates perfectly suited for the type of feedback your students require.


Customizable interface

Customize the logo, colours, and labels of our app to match your program’s unique style.


Secure & Reliable

Secure servers located in your home country, multiple backups, and strong user-level permissions means you can trust that your data is safe.


Your data, your choice

It’s up to you what you do with your data. We offer backup solutions and store your data securely for as long as you need.


Made for education

E-Review was designed in partnership with UBC, with strong cooperation from the Faculty of Education.


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